# of weeks before the Event Action Items to Mobilize Men to the Conference
& to Build Momentum for your Ministry to Men
Resources You Need
  8 Weeks Out
  • Put up posters. Hand out brochures at church.
  • Make a general pulpit announcement at church
  • Send your men an email with a link to www.momentummen.org.
  • Posters
  • Email
  7 Weeks Out
  • Use a provided bulletin insert this Sunday morning
  • Short announcement that sign-up begins next week
  • During the week email men regarding signup
  • Email the ISI Experience video link found online to all of your men
  6 Weeks Out
  • Pastors and leaders should sign-up first. Then ask five or more men to sign-up before posting the signpup sheet for the rest of the men in your church
  • Download the PowerPoint slide from the website for the conference
  • Announce that sign-up BEGINS TODAY!
  • Have multiple men at a sign-up table outside the sanctuary
  5 Weeks Out
  • Email the men; specifically ask, "Did you sign-up?"
  • Use the bulletin insert and continue the sign-up
  • Begin to make travel plans and dinner plans for the conference
  4 Weeks Out -
  • Show the promotional video in church on Sunday. It's important that wives see what happens at ISI
  • Review who's going and call the undecided men
  • Consider putting names on a larger sign-up board
  3 Weeks Out
  • Call, email or fax your group registration to moMENtum Men. You can add more later at the same rate
  • Repeat the PowerPoint slide. Keep recruiting men
  • Share from the pulpit there is 1 week left to sign-up
  2 Weeks Out 6
  • If not already SOLD OUT - register your second group of men
  • Make a final appeal on Sunday morning to the men
  1 Week Out
  • Confirm travel, lunch and dinner plans with your men
  • Recruit women and youth to cover your men in prayer
  • Volunteers


April 29, 2017


  1-2 Weeks After the Men's Event Provide an opportunity for your men to "testify" to what they learned and are applying to their life, home, family, etc. as a result of the men's event.
  2 months after the men's event Be prepared for moMENtum Men to follow up with you!

Church Game Plan

Goal: Give every man in your church the necessary 5 to 7 touches that most men need to make a decision to attend this special event

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