About moMENtum

Let's face it, as men there are times when we feel like we're drowning, slowing sinking, unsure and unable to get back up on our own ...

Too often we slump into the pew, or on to the couch exhausted from fighting a foe we feel powerless to defeat. We may be strong in our faith, committed to glorifying God, and yet we are still vulnerable to discouragement, disappointment and disillusionment.

That's why moMENtum Men's Ministries is here. We are focused on helping men minister to men. Through our conferences, seminars, events and other venues, we are working with the local church to enourage men to stand firm in the midst of their challenges; showing pastors and lay leadership how to equip men with what they need to fight their battles. As we engage with men, we are teaching them how to draw strength from each other, invest quality time with God and be affirmed.

A look at our purpose ...

There is a reason we are called MOMENTUM. Our purpose is defined in our name, because we are all about:

  • Motivating - influencing others to be eager to act upon a task and do the work
  • Ordinary - regular guys who are just trying to be what God wants them to be
  • MEN - guys, dudes, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, lawyers, doctors and indian chiefs - of the male species
  • Toward the - moving along a specific course that leads to a defined destination
  • Ultimate - an anticipated result occurring as a goal is reached
  • Mission - an objective and purpose set for us to faithfully carry out by our Heavenly Commander-in-Chief

Simply put, MOMENTUM works with the local church to help them influence their men, just regular ordinary guys surviving from day to day, teaching them how to focus their life around the ultimate goal of glorifying God in every aspect of their life - every moment of every day!